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“Taking part in a hike is an act that cannot be improvised..”

Preparation for hikes.

Taking part in a hike is an act that cannot be improvised.

First of all, you have to get used to the idea of walking for several hours on different types of terrain.

To do this, it is necessary to have the right equipment, clothing and food for this type of activity.
As far as equipment is concerned, a medium backpack (15-20L) is more than enough for the kind of hiking planned in Fuerteventura and elsewhere. We always do stargazing, so it is not necessary to bring a sleeping bag and sleeping gear outside. For some, walking sticks can help in some cases (uneven, rocky path…).

In summer or in the sun in winter, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun. To do this, remember to take a sunscreen with a high index (especially in the mountains), sunglasses and a hat, cap…
Water is very important! Remember that water consumption during the hike is essential to avoid dehydration. A good 1L or 2 bottles of 750cl will guarantee you a good shape all along the course. Different types of water bottles exist, choose the quality models (between 15 and 25 euros each).

Clothing: depending on the climate, you will adapt your outfit. Take loose clothing that allows perspiration to filter through (valid in summer and winter). Shoes are the priority for your well-being. Take a size above yours, they must be waterproof (gortex membrane), light and very flexible. Socks are just as important as shoes, so don’t hesitate to choose quality models.

Food: Apart from picnics, the consumption of dried fruits (almonds, cashews, dates, apricots and dried figs) is an additional energy asset in times of reduced diet. A small piece of dark chocolate is always welcome.

Additional equipment: In case of foot injuries or as a prevention, “compeed” dressings are essential. Mosquito repellent lotions, after-dicks and a small emergency kit are essential for the discerning hiker.

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