"Le triple lien"

In June 2016, a few days after my move to the edge of the Forêt de Soignes in the Brussels commune of Watermael-Boitsfort, I began daily incursions into this majestic forest, leaving me each time with a feeling of cohesion with this enchanting environment. Along the paths and as I discovered new things, I felt within me a space of freedom, joy and well-being filling my heart and mind. Following this inner change, a deep desire and need to share these feelings generated in me the desire to found a walking group. In March 2017, by bringing together a few relatives, the “trekking the triple link” group was born.

Why “Le Triple lien”?


After reading a magnificent book entitled “Les Tisserands” by Abdennour Bidar, and other philosophical works, I felt the importance of maintaining or creating links with myself, others and nature.

For the past two years, every Sunday afternoon, I have been organizing a hike in the Forêt de Soignes, in the two Brabants and in the provinces.

By word of mouth, the group began to grow, with participants finding a sense of reconnection to themselves and caring linked to the exchanges between the walkers.

Together, we were able to discover wonderful regions where each season brought a different vision and feeling.

The following year, two stays abroad, in Brittany and the Vosges, allowed me to manage a group of ten people abroad with all the organisation necessary for the success of the project.

These were two extraordinary moments of communion thanks to the remarkable hikes made, the meals shared and the countless discussions experienced within the group.

Deep down, I feel more and more serenity, “Le Triple Lien” has given a real meaning to my life. That is why, after a “Oxygen” personal development internship with Antoine Filissiadis, I decided to go further and live an even stronger human adventure.

The project to organize hikes on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands was to become a reality.


Plus on s’émerveille devant la nature, plus elle nous offre ses merveilles*

Virginie Polissou

(*) “The more we marvel at nature, the more she offers us her wonders.”

As a nature and walking enthusiast, the best way to connect with yourself and the surrounding nature is to put on a good pair of shoes and walk along the countless paths in our forests and countryside. In this way we can rediscover the simple pleasures of contemplation, the discovery of magical places and the feeling of freedom.

Walking in the forest, along the sea, on the plain or in the mountains has unimaginable virtues on our health..

A regular incursion into natural environments allows us to reduce our stress, our anxiety and, on the contrary, to increase our alertness, creativity and well-being. I therefore invite you to join me on Sunday afternoons in Belgium and certain weeks abroad to go hiking in groups within Le Triple Lien.

Laurent Cyngister


Image par Michael Gaida de Pixabay

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