Le triple lien

“On our path in life, we can feel a call, a real desire to give of our time for others.
Almost three years ago, walking in the forest, I experienced a real connection with nature.
It was in the early afternoon, I was walking along a path in the Forêt de Soignes when I was challenged by a series of gigantic beech trees forming an immense cathedral.
I stopped and observed this incredible environment.
I felt extremely well, it was my place…”

Weekly hikes.

After sitting in a form of contemplation under a generous sun, a growing emotion was awakening in me, overwhelming me with strong and deep sensations.

That’s when I found the way to fulfill this quest, this desire to help others.

A few days later was born “Le Triple Lien”, a group dedicated to walking in the wilderness.

Since then, every Sunday afternoon, with a few exceptions, I organize a hike in the Forest of Care, in both Brabants and in the provinces.

At the beginning we were a handful and today the group has grown to an average of about fifteen participants.

Beyond the outdoor activity and through our countless discussions, a real friendship has been created.
These moments of sharing, listening and caring have given an extra dimension to the triple bond that gives it a place of benevolence and empathy where people feel in harmony.

Each week, it is a moment of joy that is prepared, we are impatient to meet again to walk the many paths in all seasons.

Le Triple lien is open to everyone, so I suggest you join us very soon.


Image par Michael Gaida de Pixabay

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