Le triple lien

The Triple Lien and the company

“Our society is a railroad where everyone tries as best they can to keep on track..”

Unfortunately, this track tends to accelerate continuously, taking the risk of seeing the train derail or hit the wall.

We must not wait for the accident to happen before acting preventively, which is why I am proposing two different but complementary ways.

A new direction to take by taking part in a workshop that advocates improving one’s diet by changing certain bad habits and an immersion in nature to rediscover oneself and a natural environment such as the forest.

The goal is to regain good sensations, to rebalance one’s metabolism, to regain self-confidence, to reduce stress and anxiety.

Food and nature are today two solutions proven by different scientific studies as a way to create dynamism, creativity and well-being again.

The Triple Link offers different formulas for this purpose:

Half a day.

A full day.

One to several days.

A stay abroad.

An interview will help define the company’s objectives and expectations.

Image par Michael Gaida de Pixabay

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